Saturday, July 20, 2013

Terraced garden in August of 2012

One of our projects in 2010 was changing a near-vertical retaining wall of boulders into this terraced garden, digging back into the hillside and adding more boulders to make it safe and secure. This succeeded in bringing a whole lot more light into the lower level of the house, which has a sliding glass door flanked by two more floor to ceiling panels of glass looking south towards this garden.

The garden has flowers and bulbs (mostly black-eyed susans in this picture), with an ornamental elderberry and a climbing rose in the top bed, then blueberry bushes and an Annabelle hydrangea (plus some hostas and variegated Solomon's Seal under the sugar maple) in the second bed, and finally a variety of flowers, including milkweed for the Monarchs, plus a horseradish plant, in the third bed.

Behind the garden you can see the star magnolia, which is north of the kitchen garden, and the tops of the bean and tomato supports up in the kitchen garden We have since trimmed all the posts but the one being used by the climbing rose.

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