Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rain garden

The rain garden went in back in 2001 on the west side of our property--we have a lot of the water from the house directed there, and in the case of extreme rain events there is a culvert that drains into there as well. We had a minor flood the summer we moved in (the previous owners had messed with the original landscaping), so we realized right away that managing rainfall was a must. Just a few days ago we had a major rain event--no issues at all.

The peonies were put in just a couple years ago, up away from the water collection area. Later in the summer you'll see Joe-Pye weed and other cool natives like cardinal flower. In this picture you can see the border of day lilies (fancy daylilies with pink and purple flowers) and a whole lot of, um, I think it's called mountain mint. The structure in the back there is the "dig pit" we built for our GSD when he was a puppy back in 2000. It was just designed as a place where he was encouraged to dig--I would hide toys in the composty mulch in there.

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